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About Tosham

Tosham is one of the most important towns of Bhiwani District in Haryana. Its administrative importance can be judged from the fact that it is one of the five sub divisions of the district. Besides, it is also one of the few Nagar Panchayat towns of Bhiwani District. And lastly, its immense proximity with main city of Bhiwani also makes it a very strategically important town. In below paragraphs we’ve collected all the needed information about all the important aspects of this town, right from its history to economy and to existing condition of all the utility services available in the district.

About Tosham
Baba Mungipa Mandir in Tosham

History of Tosham

Tosham& has a very unique history of its own, which successfully has stood the test of time. Its history actually dates back to 4th century B.C, when it was ruled by then powerful Gupta Empire. This has been proven beyond doubt by Sanskrit inscription on rocky Tosham hill. This inscription also reveals many more interesting details about ancient history of this place. For instance, it explicitly reveals that this region saw rise of Satvata religion and Buddhist religion during ancient era. This inscription along with other evidences has given credence that during ancient era a huge Buddhist monastery was also located on Tosham hill.& Moving beyond during medieval period& this region came under reign of many stalwart rulers.& Each of these empires and dynasties brought their own contribution in the field of administration, economy and even art and culture.

Economy of Tosham

Almost 80% of population residing in all villages coming under Tosham sub division derive their livelihood directly from agricultural sector. Besides, most of the population living in main town of Tosham are also directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture for their income. Coming to industrial scenario, then owing to very minimal presence of industries, employment and revenue generated by this sector is very minimal. Huge number of Tosham’s local therefore flock to industries operating in Bhiwani region to seek employment. As matter of fact today substantial number of locals are employed in various industrial units of Bhiwani.

Healthcare Services in Tosham

As of today Tosham town boosts very limited healthcare infrastructure. This is at least true about well equipped hospitals, whose numbers continue to stay low even today and besides their quality of medical infrastructure still can’t be termed as modern and reliable. That said, due appreciation still must be given to these hospitals, as they within their limited infrastructure are still making valuable contribution to Tosham’s healthcare services.

Hospitals in Tosham

Moving beyond hospitals and coming to more basic healthcare services like chemist shops and clinics. Then we’re very pleased to tell you that at least on this front scenario is more pleasant. This is to say that today this town does have decent numbers of chemist shops and clinics, much to the relief of local people here. Before we do round up, we’d like also bring to notice that every year hospitals operating in Bhiwani town treat thousands of patients from Tosham town. The reason for this has been made pretty obvious in above& and so we won’t again retrieate the reason.

Tourist Spots in Tosham

Tosham Hills:& If you do have some interest in history, then you must pay visit to famous Tosham Hills. Because it is immensely historical hill, where many historical monuments, temples and also many important inscriptions are located. If we’ve to describe importance of this hill in few words, then we’d like to say that this hill is greatest historical treasure that is there in entire Tosham region. Below we mentioned brief details of all the must see attractions of this hill.

Tosham rock inscriptions: If you can recollect we’d mentioned about these Sanskrit inscriptions in our history section, wherein we told that just how important these inscriptions are for tracing roots of this region. And indeed if you really want to know how this region was like many centuries back, then you must try your best to dissect these inscriptions. And even if can’t, then just seeing this historical inscriptions is equally worth it.

Tosham Temple Complex: This temple complex consists of two famous temples: Panch Teerth Temple and Baba Mungipa Mandir. Among these two the latter one, i.e Baba Mungipa Mandir is especially famous among local citizens here. Since time immemorial locals of region have been flocking to this temple seek blessings and better life.

Sacred Ponds: This hill is also home to many sacred ponds. These ponds are namely Pandu Tirath pond, Surya Kund pond, Kukkar Kund pond and Gyarasia Kund pond. Each of these ponds are as much beautiful, as they are sacred. Therefore they are absolutely worth visiting.& Tosham Hill Fort: There is also small hill fort located here. This fort though today is lying is ruined condition, but that hasn’t diminished its historical value. And what really makes this historically important is the fact that it was constructed during regime of legendry king Prithviraj Chauhan.

Banking Services in Tosham


Over last one decade quite a few very reputed banks have opened their branches here. Although total number of banks operating in the town is still very less, but coming up of new branches has certainly lend much needed hope to all the local people here. Their hope being that these banks will finally integrate Tosham town into mainstream banking system of India, which has certainly happened with coming up of these banks. And this subsequently paved way for many modern banking services for this town, which till one decade back was completely unavailable in this part of the world.

Address: 275/9, Siwani Road, Tosham Haryana 127040
Phone no: 99962 43333
IFSC Code: HDFC0002923
Phone no: 99962 43333
State Bank of Patiala
Address: Near Panchayat Bhawan, Tosham – 127040
Phone no: 01253-259613, 259614
IFSC Code: STBP0000819

Canara Bank
Address: Near Bus Stand, Tosham,& Dist : Bhiwani -& 127040
Phone no: Not available
IFSC Code: CNRB0004758&

Punjab National Bank
Address: Tosham Distt, Bhiwani Haryana - 127040&
Phone no: 9466280395
IFSC Code: PUNB0650500

Transportation in Tosham

Coming to connectivity, then good number of state run buses do ply from Tosham bus stand on every day basis. They connect Tosham to many important cities of Haryana state. However, Tosham town does not have railway station of its own. Locals have to depend on Bhiwani railway station which is one of the nearest railway stations. It is directly connected to almost all the important cities of Haryana and also many more cities in northern India. Today number of auto rickshaws at Tosham town stand at all time high. This is not to say that you’ll find auto rickshaw in every nook and corner, but you’ll certainly find auto rickshaws in all important areas like bus stands, main market areas etc.

Tosham at a glance

Country : India
State : Haryana
District : Bhiwani
Population: 15,559
Pin code: 127040
STD Code:& 01253
Vehicle registration: HR-46 to HR-48&

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